As there is no doubt that the quality of meetings largely depends on the skills of the interpreters preparing them, we at AB Report have created a special translation structure, AB Trad, to translate and interpret for your multilingual events.

To ensure top quality service at AB Trad, we have a team of experienced project managers who work with the best professional interpreters.

Our interpreters, who are all graduates of the best interpreting schools, work always from and into their mother tongue and have extensive experience of international organisations and a thorough knowledge of the European economic fabric. We cover over 30 languages. ► With several hundred hours’ experience in their fields of specialisation, they are perfectly fluent in both their working languages, to ensure a natural translation that is faithful to the original speech in all circumstances.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter sits with the speakers and interprets exactly what is said into the target language, at the end of a certain time lapse, alternating with the speaker and if necessary taking notes by hand.

  The interpreter must give a precise and exact rendition of the tone of the discussion, the main ideas and any jokes or anecdotes, in business meetings or negotiations for example. 

Simultaneous interpreting

Placed in a soundproof booth overlooking the room and the speakers (either directly or on a screen), two interpreters take turns to deliver simultaneous translation into the target language of all the speeches. This requires specific audio and/or video equipment. The attendees hear the interpretation through infrared headphones on which they can select their preferred language.

DID YOU KNOW? Conference interpreters need to prepare the work well in advance of the actual meeting. For best possible quality, remember to send us your documents as far ahead as possible (programme, prepared speeches, PowerPoint presentations, etc.).

Liaison or whispered interpreting

In whispered interpretation, suitable for a maximum of 4 people, the interpreter sits close to the speakers and whispers a summary in the target language of what is said directly to the attendee. For meetings lasting more than 45 minutes, two interpreters will work in relay.

A single service to cover your multiple needs: the AB Package

We firmly believe that having a contact with one single service provider who can take charge of all the different stages of the event and optimise the synergy between the various stakeholders. We therefore provide organisers of multilingual meetings with a comprehensive package including:

Translating the preparatory documents
Selecting specialised interpreters depending on the sector of activity
Managing the logistics and the interpreting equipment (booth, workstation, mic, control room)
Recording and taking notes in debates
Drafting the minutes or report
Adding any necessary corrections
Translating the report into the language of your choice