All our translators work only into their mother tongue, are specialised in their field of expertise and have extensive experience of international organisations and thorough knowledge of the European economic fabric. They cover over thirty languages. Graduates of the best translation schools, they can work in the most varied and most technical fields.

our expertise

AB Report has a dedicated structure, AB Trad, to provide translation services for your foreign language written communications

To guarantee a top quality service, AB Trad has a team of experienced project managers working with professional translators.

Depending on your sector of activity and the subjects addressed in your documents, we will select the most suitable translators, heed your specific requirements, make sure that your deadlines are met and carry out quality control on all the documents.

To ensure consistency and compatibility of terminology from one document to the next, our translators draw up specific glossaries using Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools like TRADOS. This software is used to create a translation memory that can be enriched with each translation, so that the terminology from one document to the next is always the same.


available languages

European languages

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Swedish…

Asian languages

Chinese (Mandarin), Cantonese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese…

Other languages

Arabic, Hebrew, Persian…


We work with all sorts of file formats

We can work with all sorts of file formats (Html, Xml, xliff, php, etc.) and also do localisation for websites and software or applications.

our specialities

Specialized translators, experts in their respective fields

Financial/ Legal / Audit
I.T. / Télécommunications
Marketing / Communication / Consultancy
Tourism / Culture
Medical / Pharmaceutical/ Cosmetics
Aerospace / Automotive
Technique (electronics, civil engineering, architecture…)
Scientific (chemistry, biology…)



A single service to match multiple needs

Convinced of the added value offered by a single service provider capable of taking on an event’s successive stages and of optimizing the synergies between the different players offers, we offer a comprehensive package tailored to meet the needs of multilingual meetings’ organizers.

  • Translation of the preliminary documents
  • Selection of specialized interpreters in accordance with the sector
  • Handling of logistics and interpretation equipment (booth, desk, microphone, control room)
  • Recording and note taking of the debates
  • Writing of the reports, meeting minutes or summaries
  • Handling of the proofreading stage
  • Translation of the reports in the required languages
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